March 11, 2021

Top 5 tips when looking for Self-Storage for your business

So, you’ve made the decision that your business would benefit from additional storage space but not sure what’s right for you? In order to find the most ideal storage site for your business there are many factors to consider.

We’ll take you through the most important considerations you need to think about …

1. Location, Location, Location

 Will you need to access your items regularly? 

If so, location is even more important. Our time has a value and a local storage facility will be particularly vital for you if frequent trips will be necessary.

2.     Accessibility

Do you want to know that you can access your items at any time? or

Will you be leaving them untouched for some months?

Depending on your access needs the opening times of your chosen storage facility should be carefully considered. With 24/7 access available, accessibility can be easy to come by. 

3.     Flexibility

The recent pandemic has shown us that things can change so quickly and businesses need to be set up so they can quickly adapt to a changing situation. You may not know how long you will need storage, or if your needs may vary. Being able to scale up or downsize and not being tied into long term contracts should be carefully considered.

 4.     Safety & Security

Whatever you are storing, you will need the peace of mind it is safe and secure. Consider the type of storage on offer.

Will it keep your items clean and dry?

Is CCTV monitoring available 24/7 on all units?

Are alarm systems in place?

Does the storage facility meet the standards required by your insurance company for security?

 Do your research and be sure to be satisfied with their answers to the above questions before proceeding.

5.     Cost

 As with many business decisions, price is always a factor. Look out for hidden costs and extras that all add up.

A final consideration, when you are happy with all of the above is experience and a proven track record. Facilities that offer great customer service and can address all of your concerns will have plenty of satisfied customers willing to tell you how great they are.

 WOW Storage in London

If you are looking for a company that can tick all your boxes in London, WOW Storage can help. We have two sites in London – Acton & Hanger Lane. Our storage container units cost just £60 per week and with flexible, short term contracts we can support your business as your needs changes without the risk of being tied in.

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