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Introducing our brand new container storage site in St Albans, Hertfordshire!

22nd January 2023


At WOW Storage, we understand the importance of having a secure and reliable storage solution for your valuable possessions. That's why we are excited to announce the opening of our latest container storage site in the heart of St Albans.

Our container storage units are made of durable steel and are designed to protect your items from the elements. They are also equipped with state-of-the-art security features to ensure that your belongings are safe and secure at all times.

Our team of experts can help you find the perfect storage solution for your needs, whether you're moving house, renovating, or simply need extra space.

We are conveniently located in the St Albans area, making it easy for you to access your belongings whenever you need to. Plus, our flexible rental options allow you to rent a storage unit for as long as you need, whether it's a few weeks or a few months.

Don't let limited space hold you back, come and visit WOW Storage today and see how we can help you take control of your belongings.

Thank you for choosing WOW Storage, and we look forward to serving all your storage needs in St Albans and the surrounding area!

Small Business Self-Storage

  • 13th March 2022

With over 30,000 small business starting up every year, moving straight into an office space or yard can be an expensive investment adding to an already tight budget.

For a small monthly rental a standard 20ft self-storage container can give you a 160 square foot of workable space.

With a little imagination and the right tools, the spacious area can be adapted into an office, a storeroom or even a workshop.


With simple and effective solutions there is no need to let your paperwork continue taking over your kitchen table or your work tools being stored in your garage or spare room.

Here are my top 9 small business that would suit using a self-storage container

  • Ebay seller
  • Etsy seller
  • Plumber
  • Electrician
  • Bookkeeper
  • Market stall holder
  • Personal Trainer (Equipment)
  • Delivery Distributor
  • Construction Company (storage of tools and equipment off site)

Top 5 tips when looking for Self-Storage for your business


So, you’ve made the decision that your business would benefit from additional storage space but not sure what’s right for you? In order to find the most ideal storage site for your business there are many factors to consider.
We’ll take you through the most important considerations you need to think about …
1. Location, Location, Location
 Will you need to access your items regularly? 
If so, location is even more important. Our time has a value and a local storage facility will be particularly vital for you if frequent trips will be necessary.
2.     Accessibility
Do you want to know that you can access your items at any time? or
Will you be leaving them untouched for some months?
Depending on your access needs the opening times of your chosen storage facility should be carefully considered. With 24/7 access available, accessibility can be easy to come by. 
3.     Flexibility
The recent pandemic has shown us that things can change so quickly and businesses need to be set up so they can quickly adapt to a changing situation. You may not know how long you will need storage, or if your needs may vary. Being able to scale up or downsize and not being tied into long term contracts should be carefully considered.
 4.     Safety & Security
Whatever you are storing, you will need the peace of mind it is safe and secure. Consider the type of storage on offer.
Will it keep your items clean and dry?
Is CCTV monitoring available 24/7 on all units?
Are alarm systems in place?
Does the storage facility meet the standards required by your insurance company for security?
 Do your research and be sure to be satisfied with their answers to the above questions before proceeding.
5.     Cost
 As with many business decisions, price is always a factor. Look out for hidden costs and extras that all add up.
A final consideration, when you are happy with all of the above is experience and a proven track record. Facilities that offer great customer service and can address all of your concerns will have plenty of satisfied customers willing to tell you how great they are.
 WOW Storage in London
If you are looking for a company that can tick all your boxes in London, WOW Storage can help. We have two sites in London – Acton & Hanger Lane. Our storage container units cost just £60 per week and with flexible, short term contracts we can support your business as your needs changes without the risk of being tied in.

Benefits of shipping container storage 


Self-storage is an increasingly popular option for many small businesses and you’ll notice more and more storage spaces are available than ever before, all over the UK.
With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic many online companies have seen astronomical increases in web traffic and sales. WOW Storage has been able to help these fast-growing online retailers with additional space to safely store and organise their stock - all in one place. 
It’s not just the established online retailers that can benefit. Often, the early start-up days are running your e-commerce site from your kitchen or back bedroom and using your family home or garage for storing stock. This can become frustrating as spaces become cluttered. It can also be difficult to stay organised as items are spread out across multiple places. For many, there is the added worry of security and concerns over the impact on your home insurance. Secure storage containers can be an excellent way to overcome these issues.
How our customers have benefited from Storage Container Units
We’ve spoken to our online retailer customers and here are just a few of the ways they’ve benefited from using container storage to support their e commerce businesses:
“Knowing I can increase or decrease my space with just a month's notice has really helped us. I can plan ahead and only pay for the space I need, when I need it. Our business is really seasonal so this is essential for us”
Retailers often experience periods of fluctuating sales so the benefit of short-term contracts is really valued. For example, in the lead up to Christmas some customers switch to a larger unit and then downsize again in January. The flexibility of short-term contracts with just one month notice periods allows them to do this easily and with little risk compared to other commercial rental agreements.  
Their stock can be organised in a way to suit their business from rails for clothing to shelving with a clear labeling system for other items. Many customers have created a packing area and get all their orders ready on site enabling a faster delivery process for online orders.
“After a few months of chaos at home I have finally got my house back! It was becoming harder to stay organised as I had items spread out across multiple rooms. Now everything is organized and easy to find, it saves me so much time”
Having a dedicated space for stock has been invaluable for these customers. They have been able to complete inventories more efficiently and free up space in their home or office when stock had been taking over!
For many startups, using their garage is a natural start when they are just setting up but it can soon become a security risk. The security at storage container sites offers complete reassurance that their goods are stored safely. With CCTV, security lighting and alarm systems in place.
WOW Storage is the perfect choice for online retailers looking for a safe, secure and accessible option. You can enjoy access to your stock 24/7 all year round, 365 days of the year. Coupled with the flexibility of short term contracts and payment options customers enjoy flexibility, accessibility and peace of mind.  
Get in touch today for a free quote on how we can help you.

Are you struggling for space?


Are you a business owner with stock, tools or equipment that you need to store? Or is your office space overflowing with files? There are many reasons why your business might need extra space. And we know that running a business always involves challenges. So, we understand, the last thing you want is added storage stress.  We offer simple and ideal solutions for all your business storage needs.
Our containers are clean, dry and brand new . Each container is modified to provide fantastic ventilation which ensures a steady airflow and stable temperature. 
We have a range of storage containers, sized to suit your short-term storage requirements. 
We’ve designed our container self-storage sites with ease of accessibility in mind. You won’t have to trudge long distances, balancing boxes while opening doors. Neither will you have to navigate lifts with reluctant trolleys. It could not be easier – drive up to the doors, unload or pick up and drive off.