Container storage London

WOW storage is the perfect secure self-storage option with our convenient container locations in Hanger Lane, West London, well positioned for local businesses in the capital. We have been providing storage space services for businesses since 2015. Their needs are varied, from online retailers looking for a safe site to store their stock, builders needing off-site storage for their tools and start-ups expanding from using their garage at home to a more spacious set up.

Our storage locations in London offer a more affordable and flexible solution than traditional warehouse services, which is invaluable when considering where to store your goods. We even store items for just a couple of months during office relocations where somewhere safe is needed for bulky office furniture. A storage space is often seen as an expansion to the office or your property if running your business from home, freeing up space and providing a dedicated area for products, stock, packing, labelling and packaging and other bulky items that can get in the way. With the removal of some items from your home or office it's easier to stay organised and create an enjoyable workspace.